Own Customer Data

Over the past year there have been a smorgasbord of obstacles in the Restaurant & Food industry as everything including the dining experience went contactless. Technology providers rose to this challenge offering restaurants a variety of ways to digitize Order Online. Now at the dawn of another year, third-party delivery services make up a large part of the restaurant industry’s tech revolution.

Third-Party Tech Owns Restaurant Customer Data

Listing a restaurant on any third-party platform is quite simple. You guessed it: the sign-up process is contactless and able to be completed digitally with little need for human interaction. However, despite the ability for third-party services to connect customer to business, the middlemen tell owners and managers very little about how they operate.

Customer data is of high interest for any industry. Restaurants, usually have a 7-mile Market radius of OnDemand orders and catering may be more. Most of the customers know the restaurants around them but still end up ordering online through 3rd parties and Restaurants end up paying huge commissions on their own customers.

These days all these 3rd party big Giants advertise right in Google on your names take away your own customer base and suggest different stories with more offers to them and you lose your business, your customer and also get fully dependent on them.

By having Grabull Direct it’s your own customer, your own offers, Your own rewards, your own management, Your own Marketing and your customer base stick to your own Online Ordering mostly.

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