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Frequently asked questions

If you have a Grabull Account Manager, please reach out to them to begin onboarding.

If you are using Grabull Market Place, please first reach out to support team to begin the onboarding process for Grabull Direct OR request a call.

If you do not have an online ordering on your website, please consider signing up for Grabull Direct commission-free online ordering system. Through Grabull Direct signup form, you can create a branded online store to enable pickup and delivery ordering directly from your own website, commission-free.

Grabull Direct is our Online Ordering & delivery fulfillment service, meaning you will get online orders from your website & if you using Drive Service our vendor Drivers will deliver your orders and you can also request Drivers for instore phone orders. Grabull Marketplace orders come separate through our app.

We understand the Integration technology and we will provide you with our printer tablet solution, which will automatically ingest order details of order from your website & all 3rd parties to print instore. And if you are using Grabull Market Place those orders also auto ingest and print. Additional there is a small form takes 30 seconds to fill , you can create delivery too for all your Phone orders for On-Demand delivery.

There is no setup fee, subscription fees or service termination fees for Grabull Direct. Grabull Direct's standard pricing structure can be a flat monthly fee OR per order fee paid by the customer as a service fee. If you use Drivers you pay per Mile charges & any tips left by the customer will 100% be passed to the Driver.

Please fill out the signup form on this page to receive additional pricing details.

Scenario 1- You do online orders with Grabull Direct then the charges are adjusted weekly statement before weekly payouts processed to Restaurant. The Grabull invoice is payable by ACH, wire or check.

Scenario 2- You do online orders with Grabull Direct and use your own merchant, grabull will debit Monthly Fixed Charges & Drive Invoice by ACH from account.

If you are already on Drive and need assistance with LIVE orders, please contact (888) 688-0046.
You can also reach by email at

For non-urgent issues, please visit our Help page for more information.

Yes you can get Grabull Direct service Exclusively.

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